All the notes below have been updated to match the CIE IGCSE Economics (0455) syllabus for examinations in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

1.  The Basic Economic Problem

1.1 – 1.4 – The Basic Economic Problem

2. The Allocation of Resources

2.1 – 2.9 – How Markets Work

2.10 – 2.11 –  Market Failure and Government Intervention

3. Microeconomic decision makers

3.1 – Money and Banking

3.2 – Households

3.3 – Workers

3.4 – Trade Unions

3.5 – Firms

3.6 – Firms and Production

3.7 – Firms’ Costs, Revenue and Objectives

3.8 – Market Structure

4. Government and the Macroeconomy

 4.1 – 4.2 – The Macroeconomic Aims of Government

4. 3 – Fiscal Policy

4.4 – Monetary Policy

4.5 – Supply-Side Policy

4. 6 – Economic Growth

4.7 – Employment and Unemployment

4. 8 – Inflation and Deflation

5. Economic Development

5.1 – Living Standards

5.2 – Poverty

5.3 – Population

5.4 – Developed and Less-developed Economies

6. International Trade and Globalisation

6.1 – International Specialization

6.2 – Globalisation, Free Trade and Protection

6.3 – Foreign Exchange Rate

6.4 – Current Account of Balance of Payments


36 thoughts on “Economics – 0455

  1. My Oct/Nov results released today and I got an A* in Economics, without the help of any book or a teacher, solely with these notes and past paper practice/mark schemes. Thank you for uploading these notes!


      1. Is it enough if I just read this notes and practice past papers? I will be sitting for this in 2023 May/June series and I have been struggling using the textbook. Notes are much easier so thats why


        1. Hi Varshi, we would suggest going through the text book and practicing past papers first. Our notes are great revision material you can use to brush up on all the concepts.


    1. This is IGCSE Economics (0455) which is similar to 2281, but not exactly the same. Please go through the 2281 syllabus and ensure you cover all topics.


    1. Yes, they are! These notes are tailored to match the CIE IGCSE notes, however, the two syllabi are very similar, so they can be used for Edexcel too.


    1. These notes cover the syllabus completely, and is suited for revision. But please do ensure you have read through the prescribed textbooks (that are Cambridge-approved) before you use these notes.


    1. We’re currently updating notes. See the disclaimer at the top of the page to check how much of the notes have been completed. We hope to complete the process by the end of May 2020. Stay tuned!


    1. Much of the content is the same, so yes. However they are not tailored to exactly fit the new syllabus. I am currently working notes that do fit the new one, though 🙂


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