IGCSE AID came into being from a tiny idea that rolled into something big – with a pinch of determination and a handful of aimless AS Level students. Never did we know, a few years ago, that we would publish a site, complete with anything and everything; right from the study notes, to mind-maps and resources we used to help ace our exams. And in case you’re wondering, we did – we made it through the strenuous exams and tests that life had to throw at us.

But you know what we think? We think you can do it too. Nothing is impossible, you just need to believe it (note: this does not involve the existence of Hogwarts or Batman coming to life or the possibility of a parallel universe where schooling doesn’t exist. Sorry!) We’ll get to that later, but on the bright side, you have us to help you out.

Go, get that A*! (And later on, thank us!)

– The Team

What People Say

I have my paper 6 in two days, and I feel confident because of your notes. They are a big help. Appreciating it.


Exactly what I need for the exams. Very clearly explained and neatly organised. Thanks!


OMG this is such a cool website. it helped a lot with my bio test, literally the best. I can’t wait for you guys to finish it.

– Hasti

I have been using the coordinated science quotes to prepare for the upcoming May/June IGCSE exams, and I just wanted to thank all of y’all for the amazing efforts that y’all have put into the website. It has really made my life a lot easier and I finally understand all the topics which I hadn’t before. Thanks for making me confidently believe that I can get an A* in coordinated sciences! ⭐️

– Samira

I must say, I am impressed with your work. Good Job!

Afzal Shad, IGCSE Business and Accounting Teacher

This site is a lifesaver. It explains everything in such a clear way! Thanks so much!


This is just the best, and thank god I came across this at the beginning of my course. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


I swear I don’t know how to describe my happiness. This really helped me a lot! This was the best notes I’ve read in my studies, there is literally everything in here!


Brilliant work. Totally helpful. Please continue with this it has changed my grades. I got higher grades and I really think it was because of you. Thank you.



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