Reading & Writing (Paper 1/2):

Reading: Exercises 1 & 2 (Comprehension & Multiple-Matching)

Reading: Exercise 3 (Note-taking)

Reading & Writing: Exercise 4 (Summary writing)

Writing: Exercise 5 (Letter writing)

Writing: Exercise 6 (Writing an article)

Writing: Exercise 6 (Writing a Report)

Writing: Exercise 6 (Writing a Review)

Listening (Paper 3/4):


Speaking (Paper 5):




28 thoughts on “English as a Second Language – 0510/0511

  1. Hi,
    I would like to compile a booklet from your notes and be able to use it with my students, I am asking for permission to, hope you will think about it well.


    1. Thank you for writing, we’re so happy that you liked our notes!
      It is completely fine to quote parts of our notes for educational use, however, we would really appreciate it if you didn’t copy the whole thing into booklets, as these notes took considerable time and effort to make.
      You may, however, use these notes as a starting point to write your own notes for your students!


    1. Hi Ashley,
      Thank you so much for your interest!
      However, I am afraid that we do not have the time or resources to manage any volunteers at the moment, so we will have to turn down your offer.
      We wish you luck for your exams!


      1. Hi Noah,
        Thank you so much for your interest!
        However, I regret to inform that we do not currently possess the means to manage any volunteers, so we can not accept any contributions.
        Thank you for reaching out!
        ~The IGCSE AID Team


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