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  1. Describe the noble gases as being unreactive.


Group 0 element s are called noble gases. They have full outer shells and so are stable, leading them to be unreactive. They do not react with any other element.

  1. Describe the uses of the noble gases in providing an inert atmosphere, i.e. argon in lamps, helium for filling balloons.

Helium is used in weather balloons and airships because it is lighter than air. Hydrogen is also lighter than air, but it is reactive in air. Helium, as a noble gas, is not, so it is preferred over hydrogen.

Neon is used in advertising signs becuase it glows red when a high voltage is passed through it. (Nowadays ‘neon’ lights come in all colours).

Argon is used in the extraction of titanium to stop the titanium oxidising as it is extracted. It is also used in electric light bulbs containing tungsten filament to prevent the filament. In  both argon replaces oxygen as it won’t react with the other elements like oxygen does.

Krypton is used in lasers for eye surgery and in bulbs for cars.

Xenon is used in lamps where a very bright light is required, like in lamps of lighthouses and hospital operating theatres.



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