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  1. Describe the way the Periodic Table classifies elements in order of atomic (proton) number.

The periodic classifies elements in order of atomic (proton) number.


  1. Use the Periodic Table to predict properties of elements by means of groups and periods.

The horizontal rows in the periodic table are called periods. As we move across a period, the number of electrons in the element increases by one, that is the atomic numbers increase across a period.
Look at the first element in the first row ‘H’ which is Hydrogen. It has one electron.
The second element on that row is ‘He’ a.k.a Helium, it has two electrons.
The next element ‘Li’ (Lithium) in the second row has 3 electrons (two in the first shell, one in the second shell; electronic configuration- 2,1).

A vertical column in the Periodic Table is called a group.


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