1. Use the term isotope.

Atoms of the same elements with different number if neutrons are called isotopes. Carbon usually has 6 neutrons. But it has isotopes with 7 and 8 neutrons.

  1. Give and explain examples of practical applications of isotopes.

Radioactive isotopes, called radioisotopes are used in a variety of fields. The suitability of an isotope depends on its half-life and the type of radiation emitted (alpha, beta or gamma).

Smoke alarms use Americium-241 to detect smoke particles.

Radioisotopes are used as tracers in industries and hospitals to trace the flow of substances through a system. Example: doctors use radioactive iodine to find out if a patient’s kidney is blocked.

Radioactive dating, used to find out how old a material is, used carbon and uranium isotopes.


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