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  1. Be able to distinguish between the mass and weight of an object.

the main difference between mass and weight is that mass is a measure of the amount of matter in an object and weight is a force caused due to it’s acceleration and mass. The mass of an object is constant but the weight changes according to the strength of it’s acceleration.

  1. Demonstrate understanding that mass is a property that ‘resists’ change in motion.

As we have mentioned earlier weight is affected by two conditions mass and acceleration, therefore if there is motion acceleration changes and so does weight but since mass is only affected by the amount of matter in an object, no matter what forces are acting on it it will not change.

  1. Know that the Earth is the source of a gravitational field.

every object with a mass has a gravitational field that pulls other masses closer to it however unless it has an extraordinarily large mass this is normally negligible but the earth does have an extraordinarily large mass and it’s gravitational force is what keeps us on it. the earth is the source for the gravitational field around it.

  1. Describe, and use the concept of, weight as the effect of a gravitational field on a mass.

unlike most people think weight is just a force. When gravity acts on a mass there is a weight. it is measured in newtons and is calculated using the formula w = mg where w is weight, m is mass and g is the forces acting on an object (most of the time we use gravity). For an object that’s not in motion and is on earth we use gravity, it is constantly 9.8 m/s2 (often rounded to 10).



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