Exercise 3 of Paper 1 is a reading task, where a short passage is given and you are asked to make notes on it under the headings given. This is again, an easy enough task but you need to be careful to ensure that you’re writing the correct points.

Let’s dive straight into it.

  • Read the headings
    First, reading the headings given in the question will be the best course of action. It will tell you what information you need to find from the passage and copy into your answer.

    I have colour-coded the headings with their corresponding  points from the passage below
  • Read the passage.
    As you go underline the points that you can write down under each heading. Answers could be found anywhere, but usually goes in a chronological order.
    ex 4.2
  • Write down the points under each heading.
    • You don’t have to write in full sentences
    • You can copy the text as it is from the passage
    • No marks will be deducted for spelling/punctuation/grammar errors
    • You should only write one point per line given. Thus, all points that you could write do not have to be written. In the example above, for heading one I have marked three points, but there are only two line, so write any of the two.


That’s about. It’s again, like the previous question, an information transfer. You just need to know what the relevant information is and where you should put it.

Time management

For the core paper 1, spend about 10 minutes on this question.

For the extended paper 2, spend 12 minutes on this question.




Notes submitted by Lintha

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